Our Process

Carefully Sourced & Precisely Formulated

Safety and efficacy are our top priorities, and we are committed to maintaining standards that consistently exceed state regulations. For that reason, we operate under the strictest manufacturing processes from start to finish, ensuring repeatability, efficacy, and safety in every product.

We work in balance with nature, formulating our products so that consumers can trust our dosages, our offerings, and our promises. Our commitment to consistent consumer experiences translates to consistent consumer confidence. And in cannabis, that’s the difference between empowered customers and skeptical trial users.

All ReCreate products follow these measures to ensure a safe, controllable experience:
  • Precisely Formulated

    Proprietary formulations developed in partnership with Stanley Brothers Labs and expert formulators.

  • Carefully Sourced

    Strains and botanicals carefully selected and optimized over the last decade for targeted results.

  • Quality Standards

    Six comprehensive quality checkpoints throughout sourcing & production to ensure safety and efficacy.

  • Gentle Alcohol Extraction

    Gentle alcohol extraction to preserve as much of the active plant materials as possible.

  • Measured Dosage

    Measured tinctures and individual edibles for a consistent dose every time.

  • Independently Lab Tested

    Testing results for every batch published directly on our website for increased trust and transparency.

Our Quality Standards

Below are the six comprehensive quality checkpoints we use throughout sourcing and production to ensure safe, efficacious products:

  • Extensive Vendor Evaluations & Audits: All of our material suppliers and manufacturing partners are subject to extensive audits of their quality and production programs. These start with an exchange of documents and often continue to on-site audits of the facility. Stanley Brothers pursue vendors who are at the leading edge of product safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Sanitation Testing: Supplied hardware components and materials are subject to third-party testing to ensure products are clean and free from contaminants.
  • Compliance-Certified Source Materials: All vendor-supplied products must have the appropriate Certificates of Authenticity, Certificates of Compliance, or Manufacturer Assurances for the material type.
  • Residual Material Testing: Final products are also third-party tested to ensure a clean and safe product that meets state cannabis regulatory standards.
  • State-Compliant Purity Testing: At some point from receipt of raw materials to final product packaging, Stanley Brothers products will have been tested for residual pesticides, residual solvents, harmful microbes, myco/afla-toxins and heavy metals.
  • GMP-Compliant Manufacturing Facilities: Stanley Brothers products are manufactured with current Good Manufacturing Practices. Our GMP system is modeled after the FDA's standards for Dietary Supplements. As part of this our Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Quality teams work together to create Master Manufacturing Records and Product Specifications for our manufacturing partners to utilize during production to ensure a safe and consistent final product.

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