• Amber Senter

A New Kind of Executive

Senter is the co-founder and Executive Director of Supernova Women, an organization formed by and for women of color to empower people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the always-changing cannabis economy. As a cannabis justice advocate, she is chairman emeritus of the National Cannabis Industry’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. She is also on the advisory board of Decriminalize Nature Oakland, the first group in the country to successfully advocate to decriminalize all natural plant medicines in the city of Oakland. 

As CEO of Breez Distro, she launched the first publicly-funded cannabis social equity kitchen in Oakland. 

The cannabis industry is made up of “people that didn’t fit into other industries, because people who use cannabis definitely march to the beat of a different drum.”

Learn more at https://www.supernovawomen.com/

  • Austin Stanley

Sparking the CBD Revolution

As co-founder of Charlotte’s Web, Austin Stanley and his six brothers pioneered the CBD movement with their market-leading and mission driven-brand. More recently, Austin has shifted his focus to Cannabis with the launch of ReCreate to reimagine how we live, think and engage with our personal wellness through safe, reliable botanical therapies for all. 

"We all deserve to be well. Kindness is worth everything, yet costs us nothing."